Offshore Wind Power delivers an important contribution to the future energy mix.

Wind - our inexhaustible source of energy

Wind is a natural and inexhaustible source of energy. Offshore Wind therefore delivers a vital contribution to securing an independent and sustainable energy supply. Generating electricity from wind means  sourcing clean energy without the creation of dangerous waste or emissions damaging the climate.

The energy produced by a single 400 MW Offshore Wind Power Plant reduces CO2 emissions by 1.000.000 tons per year in comparison with a conventional power plant.

On the way to a sustainable energy supply Offshore Wind Power delivers an important contribution to the future energy mix. Due to more persistent wind and higher wind speeds Offshore Wind delivers up to 4.500 full load hours, almost double the amount of onshore wind.

This fact makes offshore wind accountable for baseload calculations. In comparison: Photo-voltaic systems with ideal orientation only produce up to 1.000 full load hours a year.

»Environmentally friendly power generation creates benefits not only for the environment.«

There are plenty of benefits for using natural and inexhaustible sources for energy generation. With our services we are supporting the German "Energiewende" thereby creating added value for our clients and the world we are living in.

The Advantages in Summary


Due to their size and production capacity offshore wind power plants can substitute conventional power plants running on fossil fuels. For the German ENERGIEWENDE this means that 3 - 4 offshore wind power plants with 60 to 80 turbines can replace an average nuclear power plant in Germany.

The expansion of a renewable energy production reduces dependencies on imported fossil fuels such as oil and gas, and leads to new and regional job creation. In the services sector job creation is foremost in engineering consultancies, service and maintenance while in the industrial sector employment is strengthened in areas such as structural steelworks, shipyards and component suppliers. The value creation majorly takes place in the home market thereby strengthening the national economy.

The energy produced by a single 6 MW offshore wind turbine equals the amount produced by a 216.000 m² photo-voltaic plant, an area the size of 30 football fields.

Surveys conducted at various offshore wind power plants in Germany, the UK and Sweden have shown that offshore wind power plants create artificial reefs and with it rest and retreat zones for sea animals.