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Whether it be project developers, module suppliers, construction companies or investors: we bring together the right people and the right companies to form an optimum alliance for a common goal via our network combined with our in-depth know-how.

»We bring together the right players to deliver a premium project.«

ONP Management Statement

We also provide our turn-key project management and intermediation services for sub-projects or individual project phases.

The increasing number of realized offshore wind power plants results in the industry taking on enormous responsibility for protecting and maintaining the marine life.

The protection of the marine environment plays a central role during the  planning, construction and operation of offshore windfarms. Before receiving the consent for construction the environmental impacts are analyzed intensively. During two years of environmental impact assessments all relevant subjects of protection like resting and migrating birds, marine mammals, fish and benthos are monitored closely. All these subjects of protection will be monitored during construction and operation as well ensuring that potential changes are identified and can be taken into account for upcoming projects.

»Environmentally friendly power generation creates benefits not only for the environment.«

There is no contradiction between extension of offshore wind and the protection of the marine environment – it goes hand in hand.

During installation of the structures a lot of measures have to be taken to minimize the impacts on the marine life. Noise mitigation measures like bubble curtains or special sleeves around the steel foundations are used to minimize the piling noise and to fulfill the regulatory requirements.



Sea floor with different invertebrates benthonts in front of an ice wall in the Antarctic McMurdo Sund

Sea mammals

Porpoise on the surface in the coastal waters of the North Sea

Fish stock

Swarm of Herring in the North Sea