Sensible operational concepts save costs.

Wind - our inexhaustible source of energy

Wind is a natural and inexhaustible source of energy. Offshore Wind therefore delivers a vital contribution to securing an independent and sustainable energy supply. Generating electricity from wind means  sourcing clean energy without the creation of dangerous waste or emissions damaging the climate.

On the way to a sustainable energy supply Offshore Wind Power delivers an important contribution to the future energy mix. Due to more persistent wind and higher wind speeds Offshore Wind delivers up to 4.500 full load hours, almost double the amount of onshore wind. This fact makes offshore wind accountable for baseload calculations. In comparison: Photo-voltaic systems with ideal orientation only produce up to 1.000 full load hours a year.

Operational phase

Commissioned offshore wind power farms generate high returns, but are also exposed to harsh weather conditions. Also bridges, tunnel and port facilities are subject to high loads due to intensive traffic.

Here, tailor-made operation & maintenance concepts must be developed in order to ensure highest availability for optimized operating times and avoiding any kind of damage to the assets.

»Sensible operational concepts save costs while increasing returns.«

Services during operating phase

  • Development of O&M concepts
  • Assistance in the implementation of O&M concepts – selection and coordination of contractedparties
  • Intermediation of companies to take on the operation