Thorough planning for success.

We are aware of the responsibility given to us and leave no room to coincidence. The trust of our clients in our competence and project management skills is based on our thorough planning of all project steps.

Realistic budget planning, responsible dealing with market resources combined with our comprehensive expert knowledge und appropriate market strategy build the foundation for a thorough project plan.
Based on this, all project phases can be thought through in detail and planned accordingly.

The constant review of our planning and the direct incorporation of new perceptions enable us to achieve highest possible project security as early as possible. All our activities are continuously focused on the projects profitability in order to secure the  best possible return on investment for our clients.

»Thorough and precise planning for success and project certainty.«

Baufachwirt Gerd Kroll

R&D services for offshore activities and power generation concepts

  • Analysis and evaluation of corporate portfolios, technological trends and market developments for R&D projects
  • Advisory services for the alignment of R&D strategies with the corporate profile, taking into account market expertise and opportunities for partial finance via external funding
  • Development of R&D projects for the realisation of planned product and process innovation
  • Development of market entry strategies to overcome entry barriers and to prevail against competitor products