FEEDERDOCK: Game-Changing, Jones Act Compliant Offshore Wind Installation Solution

Jones Act Compliant Offshore Installation Solution

Hamburg/Boston. A consortium led by Hamburg-based ONP Management and Boston-based Renewable Resources International has developed the Jones Act compliant transport and installation vessel solution FEEDERDOCK, dedicated to address the unique US requirements and the evolving shortage of offshore wind installation assets.

The consortium engaged Hamburg-based Tractebel Overdick, a naval architects group and specialist for the design of heavy lift jack-up vessels. Overdick delivered the design for the INNOVATION, one of the most successful heavy lift jack-up vessels to date. The FEEDERDOCK assets will be operated by Bremen-based Atheleon, formerly known as SAL Renewables and part of the Harren Group, who have served the offshore wind industry worldwide with comprehensive marine engineering, maintenance and logistics services for many years.

With a crane capacity of 3,000 tons and a crane hook height of up to 182 meters above deck, FEEDERDOCK is designed to install the 25 MW wind turbine generation including foundations up to 2,800 tons. Its leg length of 131 meters grants the ability to cope with water depths of up to 70 meters. FEEDERDOCK applies proven European installation methodology with its U-shaped, global heavy lift jack-up installation vessel, paired with US built Jones Act Articulated Tug Barges (ATBs) docking inside the installation vessel before jacking-up. This unique arrangement avoids challenging “floating-to-fix” component transfers at sea by enabling a secure “fix-to-fix” turbine installation process which is preferred by the leading wind turbine manufacturers.


Visualization of FEEDERDOCK jacked-up with docked feeder barge and components ready for installation
(Source: Overdick)


Visualization of FEEDERDOCK docking process stern view in semi-jacked position
(Source: Overdick)


Visualization of FEEDERDOCK bow view, jacked-up with crane on rest
(Source: Overdick)

Visualization video on YouTube showing FEEDERDOCK offshore installation processes can be found on our » YouTube Channel

Visualization of FEEDERDOCK installing a WTG tower

For further information please refer to the Press-Release of 26.09.2022 (download below)