Construction Management

Improved decision-making drives project success.

Knowing your project well and gaining an understanding of the relevant project details improves your decision-making and helps you to keep control: Improved decision-making throughout the construction phase is the essential driver for the success of a project.

ONP can fully manage your project from day one.

Offshore wind power projects are continuously increasing in size and in complexity. A similar trend can be observed for civil and infrastructure projects as well. There needs to be a strong focus on the project's technical and logistical parameters as well as on all relevant interdependencies in order to get the project started right on track from day one.

Only experienced and accomplished construction management teams, knowing the project in all technical and contractual details, will ensure a safe delivery of the project in time, quality and budget. In every project vital decision-making is under time and budget pressure.

However, throughout the entire construction process the
"right decisions;" have to be made at the "right time".

Hence the construction management has to set up a competent and effective project organization which has to have simple and reliable access to real-time data of the project’s performance and risk exposure.

Our construction management processes are designed to steer the project in the right direction by managing all construction risks, by actively coordinating diverse arrays of interfaces and by continuously implementing required adaptions and value engineering.

As part of a lean project management organization our experienced professionals identify any potential issue and provide solutions on the spot before severe problems occur, thus reducing the project’s risk profile and increasing the overall project profitability:

ONP can fully manage your project from day one.