Project Development

In the development process all activities have to be managed and well co-ordinated.

During the Project development phase a thorough process is required to choose the right project location and to fulfill all necessary tasks in this phase of a project.

ONP Management covers all aspects of preparing such a decision process. One needs to identify suitable locations i.e. for an offshore wind farm assuring technical, consenting and financial feasibility.

In the development process site survey and research activities have to be managed and well co-ordinated.

All possible risks have to be identified and managed using a detailed risk matrix. The site development budget has to be established and maintained. 

ONP offers the following services:

  • Project development services
  • Assembling the best possible project team
  • Determining organisational structure and defining work packages
  • Technical project development
  • Inviting tenders for wind, geotechnical and geophysical expert reports
  • Preparation of budget plans and project schedules
  • Preparation of design basis
  • Development of logistic and installation concepts
  • Initiation, performance and evaluation of tender processes
  • Process support up to the time when the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) makes its grid connection commitment
  • Investors – intermediation and support
    • Project and concept review (economic feasibility, operation)
    • Assistance during due diligence process
    • Preparation of project outline (project planning/timeline, cost estimate, PIM)