Tender Management

A professional Tender management is vital for project success.

In today’s competitive markets a professional tender and contract management is vital for the success of a project.

»Project success is born in the cradle of understanding all project drivers and their interfaces.«

Knowing the interfaces between all project parties, early planning and effectively managing the tender processes secures the way forward.

Our ultimate goal is to support our clients in the most efficient way to successfully complete their individual offshore wind power plant project on time, quality and budget as well as to swiftly and efficiently run their operations. Our integrated processes consider:

Together with our clients we develop the specific tender requirements and strictly manage all tender processes to ensure consistency between all relevant project parties.

Effective tender processes are crucial for both employers issuing tenders and for contractors bidding for tenders. The skills of a professional tender management and the way tenders are structured, written and processed will in the end decide about winning or losing a bid or awarding the „right contract“ to the "right supplier".

Accordingly in the tender phase of a project all contracting concepts need to be actively managed from the very beginning by coordinating interfaces and minimizing risks in order to reach the project targets.
Our specific processes enable full visibility of all supplier contracts, interfaces and risk allocation schemes throughout all construction and operating phases.

With its hands-on experience our specialized team applies industry's best practice and provides professional real-time advice to our clients - at any time.