ONP Management

Comprehensive offshore and civil engineering expertise.

ONP Management GmbH (ONP) was founded with a view to assist our clients in the development, financing, realisation and operation of offshore wind farms as well as infrastructure. We achieve this by providing expert advice combined with hands-on support.

ONP's Value Proposition

Extensive individual know-how and hands-on experience in offshore wind and civil engineering

Independent and individual client support in all project phases

Risk concious and value focused approach

Committed to technical innovation in offshore wind with a consistent focus on project lifecycle cost

Market penetrating industry network

ONP expertise

Our clients benefit from our comprehensive Expertise in the areas of offshore wind and infrastructure projects, which we put at their disposal, promptly and efficiently always with the success of the project in mind. ONP's integrated approach and broad experience in the active development and realisation of numerous offshore wind power projects is accompanied by a market-penetrating network of competence.

ONP guiding principle

Whether seeking assistance for specific questions or the management of an entire project, our clients can always rely on our project management competency as well as our unbiased expert advice. Uncompromising customer orientation is our guiding principle. With this in mind, we ensure that the goal-oriented co-operation with our clients is both open and transparent.

Our team

All of our senior team members have extensive individual experience in design, engineering and project management in the areas of offshore wind and civil engineering. Our know-how and experience is paired with an excellent individual network in the offshore wind industry.

Our ONP Management has a long individual track record in offshore wind and major maritime infrastructure projects.

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Rahtge
Phone +49 40 3602 527-13
Mobile +49 172 420 8640
Mail: Martin.Rahtge@onp-management.de

Martin Rahtge is overall responsible for areas of technology and project management, risk and contract management as well as all issues related to project finance.

Following his vocational training in the construction industry, Martin Rahtge studied civil engineering at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. For three years, from 1981, he worked at Philipp Holzmann AG. Thereafter, he continued his civil engineering studies at the Technical University of Berlin.

From 1988 to 2002, he once again worked for Philipp Holzmann AG, where for the last four years he managed the company's Bremen branch. Thereafter, he joined Hochtief Construction AG, initially as its Bremen branch manager, then as a member of the Hamburg senior management, and finally as its chairman. In this position, Martin Rahtge was responsible for some 450 staff and revenues in excess of 200 million euros per annum.

His vast technical and project management expertise is based on more than 40 years of professional experience, particularly in the area of complex water engineering projects. As early as the 1990s, Martin Rahtge managed large-scale projects involving the construction of sluices, shipyards and port facilities. After the turn of the millennium, he also headed international harbour, bridge and dam engineering projects.

Martin Rahtge developed a particular passion for the field of offshore wind power plant construction, where he, together with his management team, advanced the Offshore business division from its modest beginnings to the market leader of the German offshore wind power industry. Along with his experience in managing large-scale projects, Martin Rahtge also expanded his expertise through the planning, construction and operation of two of the largest and most powerful jack-up vessels in the European market.

In 2014, Martin Rahtge, together with other high-ranking executives from the Offshore business division, launched ONP Management GmbH in order to put his vast knowledge and practical expertise at the disposal of clients engaged in the development, financing and realisation of offshore wind power plants.