Design & Certification

A mature design will trigger reliable performance.

Only what you design right will last long!

W-Y-D-I-W-Y-G  «What You Design Is What You Get»

With our strict design management in all phases of a project we contribute to long lasting serviceability and operation time of projects overseen by our team.

Already in the early conceptual- and planning process of a project it is imperative to effectively consider all individual boundary and performance conditions in the design. Only this comprehensive approach will ensure that cost and time for construction and operation are optimized right from the roots of the project idea and all aspects are integrated into the system architecture.

This applies to all elements of a structure or building and also the entire logistics and the supply chain for construction and operation.

Having in mind how critical early decisions prior to construction are and how they may influence the success of a project at a later stage, our design management processes consider the entire variety of competing drivers in the project and carefully balance all aspects against each other in order to develop the most advantageous design solution for our clients.

Project stakeholders may have many strategic priorities for their project. The all dominating priority is the legal and moral responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of everybody involved in the project. Environmental protection is a further key driver for all planning and design considerations as well as meeting the high quality requirements complying with state of the art quality standards.
In order to identify and mitigate all risks throughout the entire design process we apply proven FMECA methodology for our risk assessments. We take care for our clients to intergrate all these QHSE and risk aspects into the design process, ensuring that a bankable project can be designed, delivered and operated.

Usually after the design for a project has been developed by the designing engineer it is evaluated and tested by an independent certification body to affirm compliance with all specific requirements and to make sure that it is fit for the projects specific boundary conditions.
Working directly within projects we have turned our experience into strategy: Only the early involvement of all certification bodies into the design, fabrication and installation considerations can open the door for a most effective and target focused design-to-cost process returning certifyable results and thus leading to a reliable and cost effective power plant. This approach ensures smooth, consistent and high quality delivery of Offshore Wind Power Plant projects.

With its integrated capabilities in the areas of offshore wind and civil engineering works our team of experienced specialists facilitates project success from day one - commencing with planning and design-to-cost by integration of its commercial, technical, environmental and management skills in order to maximise the potential of the project.

Our ONP engineering team will support our clients throughout all project phases, including project development, concept design, FEED, detailed design, certification, procurement, construction and operation of the particular project.

Today we keep our eyes open to early identify critical issues our clients may face later and maintain foresight into these issues before they can turn into a real problem our clients may have to deal with tomorrow.