ONP provides consulting services for Herrenknecht AG regarding the construction of an offshore wind farm in France using OFD drilling technology

Hamburg/Schwanau. For the construction of an offshore wind project at the French Atlantic coast Herrenknecht was awarded with the development, construction and operation of a drilling unit for vertical drilling with a diameter of 7.80m, the OFD® drilling technology. These drilling operations are carried out at 30m water depth and under the rough conditions of the Bay of Biscay, on board of an installation vessel, here the "INNOVATION". The OFD technology allows the installation of monopile foundations in solid rock. The monopiles are the foundations for 6MW class wind turbines.

From the early planning phase to the mobilization of the drilling machine to the base port, ONP provided technical consulting services, mainly interface management between Herrenknecht and the main contractor DEME, as well as managing the "service rack" for the drilling machine from conceptional development, construction until commissioning. The "service rack" is a 50t heavy and 15m high steel structure that serves as seafastening for the drilling unit on deck as well as an access platform for maintenance work.

Herrenknecht Drilling Unit at Saint Nazaire
(Source: Deme)
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Seafastenings for Herrenknecht Drilling Unit
(Source: Herrenknecht)
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Monopile Drilling Unit at Herrenknecht yard
(Source: Herrenknecht)
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