HPA - Salzgitterkai Refurbishment

The project is characterized by the challenging boundary conditions with Hamburg's deepest berth and Germany's largest transshipment site for coal and iron ore.

ONP supported the setting up of a monitoring system for automated real-time monitoring of the deformation behavior of the existing combined sheetpile wall.

Since 2020, ONP has been supporting the HPA in the coordination of planning and the technical matters of the HOAI service phases 1 to 4, i.e. from the basic investigation to the approval planning.

View to Salzgitterkai from water, background the Köhlbrand-bridge
(Source: HPA)

Overview Salzgitterkai
(Source: website of Salzgitter AG)
» 23.09.2020 Salzgitters Tor zur Welt: Das Hafenterminal Hansaport in Hamburg

Ship at Salzgitterkai
(Source: HPA)