HPA - Shore-side power supply (LiH)

The City of Hamburg pursues the goal of sustainably improving air quality in the city and reducing CO2 emissions. In compliance with the defined clean-air target of the environmental planning for 2025 the use of shore-side power supply for seagoing ships during berthing in the Port of Hamburg is of great importance.

In the process of achieving the set goals, shore-side power supply facilities for container and cruise vessels are planned to be built and operated. The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) was assigned by the City of Hamburg with planning and construction of this shore-side power supply facilities.

ONP is supporting the HPA project team during the planning and design process until approval planning, the tendering and contracting phase until construction and implementation management.

Overview Shore-side power projects Hamburg
(Source: HPA YouTube)
HPA-Video 22.04.2021 Die Zukunft von Landstrom im Hamburger Hafen (German)

Commencement of Works at Container Terminals CTB, CTT and CTH
construction sign

HPA Info Video 17.01.2020 Ausbau der Landstromversorgung im Hamburger Hafen
(Source: HPA YouTube )
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