HPA -Reconstruction of the old Rethe Bridge

As a lift bridge the 1934 built Rethe-bridge was a significant element of the infrastructure in the port of Hamburg. The bridge managed by the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and crosses the Rethe at the mouth of the Reiherstieg. An economic maintenance of the bridge was no longer possible, so new construction of the road and track connection was indispensable. As a substitute for the old lift bridge the new Rethe-Doppelklappbrücke (double folding bridge) was built directly west, which was commissioned in 2016 for car traffic and in 2017 for railway transport. As from mid of September 2018 the old lift bridge was demolished, leaving the foundations in place so far.

Due to the close vicinity of the two bridge structures and the fact that the new bridge is already in operation, extensive planning and monitoring measures are required in the course of the reconstruction of the substructures of the old bridge and the interactions on the new double folding bridge.

In form of a subproject management ONP performs the following services: Coordination of planning for the dismantling of the foundations of the old bridge, additional investigations on alternative demolition methodologies, development of a task and interface matrix to consider the interactions for the removal of the old bridge with the operation of the new double folding bridge as well as the coordination of the implementation. In addition, ONP coordinates the procurement procedure and supervises the required continuous construction monitoring.