Atheleon - Project Management Support for O&M

ONP mandated for Project Management

Hamburg/Bremen. Atheleon (formerly SAL Renewables) is a subsidiary of the Harren & Partner organization and a sister company of SAL Heavy Lift, Combi Lift and SAL Engineering. Together with its partners, Atheleon is establishing itself as a major provider of integrated maritime solutions for the increasing O&M market in the German and international Offshore Wind sector.

In German waters Atheleon operates two specialized Heavy Lift Jack-Up Vessels (HLJV) THOR, and WIND LIFT 1. Both vessels are utilized for major component replacements, like gearboxes, trafos, rotor shaft assemblies, main bearings, etc. of wind turbines in Offshore Wind Farms. The international fleet also comprises the MEXICAN GIANT, an offshore construction and heavy-lift vessel, as well as the VB-10,000, a DP3 offshore construction vessel with a lifting capacity of 7,250 mt.

ONP Management has entered into a strategic partnership with Atheleon, adding its intense and profound expertise in managing offshore wind projects and developing tailor-made installation vessels for the offshore wind market. Our experts from ONP are responsible for the Project Management on Atheleon's O&M-campaigns with THOR and WIND LIFT 1. Together with the colleagues from Atheleon and their joint-venture partners from Offshore Wind Solutions and Wind Multiplikator, we are managing the O&M project assignments of the HLJVs.


Jack-up crane vessel, built in 2010, with dynamic positioning (DP), 500 tons offshore crane
(Source: Atheleon)


Jack-up crane vessel, built in 2010, with dynamic positioning (DP), 500 tons offshore crane
(Source: Atheleon)


DP-3 Offshore Construction Vessel with 7250t lifting capacity, US Flag and Jones Act compliant, built in 2009
(Source: Atheleon)

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Offshore construction and heavy-lift vessel MEXICAN GIANT (Source: Atheleon)