DEGES - WeserTunnel


Section 4 "Weser Crossing Bremen-Gröpelingen - Bremen-Seehausen" in the course of the highway A281 interconnection project in Bremen, the four-lane new construction between first construction phase of the A281 and the B 6n (feeder Arsten)

Hamburg/Bremen. After a two year acquisition phase ONP Management GmbH and its Joint Venture partner IMDC (International Marine and Dredging Consultants) are now performing the overall Construction Management and Site Supervision for the BA4 Wesercrossing Project in Bremen. Together with SiteLog, ONP is the second company within the Zech Group awarded by DEGES for the Wesercrossing infrastructure Project.

"For us, this contract not only means an excellent reference, it also marks our planned entry into the steadily growing market of construction management and site supervision services for challenging civil projects in Northern Germany," Martin Rahtge states in regard to the upcoming Project.

North access to Tunnel

Visualization of the housing to protect against dust from a slag dump, view towards Seehausen
(Source: DEGES)

Tunnelportal North

Visualization of the north tunnel portal with a view towards Seehausen
(Source: DEGES)

Intersection A281

Visualization of the A281 highway intersection Gröpelingen
(Source: DEGES)

Works commenced in January 2020 immediately after the order was placed and will continue until 2025. More information about the project can be found in the (German) » DEGES brochure or at the DEGES homepage


Overview and Plan of Wesercrossing Project (Source: Weserkurier)